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Banks Septic Tank Service
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Products & Services

Cumming Septic System ServiceBanks Septic Tank Service provides a variety of septic system repairs, upgrades, installations and cleanings. Listed below are some of the more popular services offered through Banks. If your desired service is not listed, please Contact Us to obtain the information you are looking for.


New Installs New systems for residential and commercial sites, specializing in Ezflow, chamber, aerobic treatment systems, peat moss, eljen-drip systems and gravel pits.

Pump-outs Residential and Commercial (sewage and grease).

Drainfields Residential and commercial repairs to improve existing systems when saturated.

Washing Machine Filters Preventive measures to keep lint and debris out of your piping system and avoiding future problems.

High-Pressure Jetting Remove obstructions throughout your system.

Grinding Clearing various underbrush and small trees.

Rootx Eliminates root systems that have entered your system.

Bioclean Natural enzymes to ensure normal tank levels.

Terralift Drainfield repair that requires no excavation.

Risers Installation of risers will bring your tank lid to grade level, avoiding excavation during your tank service.

Child Safety Systems Preventive measures to keep children from opening plastic lids or risers.

Rock Enclosures Aesthetically hide unsightly pump boxes and electrical systems in your yard.

Septic Inspections For the purpose of adoptions, loans, refinancing or simply for efficiency standards.

Rain Irrigation Tanks Capture rain water for garden and other landscape usage.

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